Born and raised in Hoboken, DJ Aldez has been exposed to the djing scene from a young age. Currently, he is one of the few founding members of Get Down. With over fifteen years of experience, Aldez has proven to adapt to any format and style. From old-school hits to dance to Latin to hip-hop, Aldez has developed an eclectic sound known to get everyone dancing.

Previously, Aldez held a five-year residency at the iconic West Five in Hoboken. He has entertained at Birch, Porta, Perle, Tally Ho, The Ashford, Six26, Skyroom NYC, and many more. On the corporate side, Aldez has worked with Google, Xbox, Cipriani, Mercedes Benz, Modelo, Rutgers, and Relay for Life. DJ Aldez takes pride in playing for the crowd to ensure everyone has an unforgettable time on the dance floor.