GaryW. is the co-founder & CFO of Get Down DJ Group. His eclectic musical taste & DJ style has led to DJ’ing at all types of venues in the Tri-State area over the last 22 years!

Gary started DJ’ing at 13, where he played his middle school dances and block parties. He began playing nightlife venues at the young age of 17 where he played open format sets at a local bar in North Jersey. His love of Hip-Hop & House Music lead him to playing unique sets all over New Jersey & New York City.

In working with DJ Cream in multiple venues over a period, Cream & Gary helped each other out & in turn helped out other DJ’s book their calendars without being reliant on promoters, thus Get Down DJ Group was born.

Gary’s background & passion for teaching & coaching, as well as his 22 year professional DJ/DJ booking career, has helped create a work environment with Get Down DJ Group that encourages artist growth & learning.