There isn’t one genre of music too risky that he can’t cleverly make a crowd positively respond to in a room. When he isn’t preoccupied downloading new music and organizing his rolodex of cataloged genres, he is testing his own remixes in his DJ sets, taking any crowd he plays for through a musical journey. From playing the local nightlife circuit in his native state of New Jersey, he’s been given opportunities to play in venues around New York City, Pennsylvania, Texas and even Hawaii, with goals of performing in bigger venues across the country and ultimately around the world.

Coming from a Latino background, developing an early interest in music from a young age was only natural. He’s gathered inspiration from music heard during his childhood at home from the likes of the legendary salsa singers and groups, to classic house music records and “golden-era” ‘90’s hip-hop. Early exposure and appreciation of different sounds has led him into creating music with the many genres the world has to offer. Because he enjoys pushing the limits of music by tastefully putting together a soundtrack that can please any crowd, he embodies the meaning of his moniker: Tone Setta.