Born and raised in New York City, Zay is an eclectic DJ, Artist, & Producer who grabs
inspiration from a plethora of different genre’s, and music styles! Zay’s passion for music
began back in 2015, when he stumbled upon the music of internationally esteemed
artist “Laidback Luke”. He would study Luke’s Video Log’s, and “In My Mind” series out
of sheer interest, and curiousity. Despite always being inspired by music, this was the
ultimate moment in his life that lead to the start of his career! Since then, Zay has
performed in an array of clubs, and bars ranging from New York City, Upstate New York,
New Jersey, & Pennsylvania. The combination of his extensive music knowledge and
creativity has led to his ability to appeal to the masses, and adapt to audiences of all
kind. He also prides himself in being able to cater to latin crowds; as he is a native
Puerto Rican. His original music & remixes have been support by record pools such as
Digital Music Pool, BPM, and Club Killer’s. His relentless passion for music has led to
growing success, and will undoubtedly play a major part in the cultivation of his career.